fiscal policies handbook

X. Webinars

In 2013 the board approved a one-year contract with ALA Editions to offer webinars on music librarianship and other related topics. (Board minutes, 11/2013, 4) Presenters for ALAE/MLA webinars will each receive a $500 honorarium. (Board minutes, 5/21-22/2015) Instructors of ALA Editions e-courses will receive a $500 remuneration. (Board minutes, 5/24/2017) When there are multiple instructors for a single e-course, the $500 remuneration will be split between them. (Board minutes, 02/2018, 12c.) Course developers of ALA Editions e-courses will receive the full ALA remuneration fee. (Board minutes, 1/30/2018)