Convention Manual: Appendices

convention manual VI.Appendices VI.A convention manager and assistant convention manager Description & Details: The Convention Manager (CM) and Assistant Convention Manager (ACM) are authorized by the President and the Board to coordinate and oversee the planning and implementation of annual conventions of the association. Duration of Appointment: Typically a four-year commitment; a newly appointed Assistant […]

Convention Manual: MOUG

convention manual V. MOUG MOUG usually holds its annual conference at the same time of year as MLA’s annual meeting. MOUG sessions are typically scheduled for all day Tuesday and in the morning Wednesday (until 12 noon). MOUG is responsible for planning its program, obtaining speakers, and establishing its budget for the meeting. Although MLA […]

Convention Workshops

convention manual iv. workshops MLA pre- or post-conference workshops support the continuing education mission of the Association. The Education Committee sponsors or co-sponsors MLA workshops; these do not fall under the purview of the Program Committee. Instead, the MLA Board reviews and approves the program content directly. Workshops require coordination among the Education Committee, other […]

Program Committee

Convention manual ii.Program The Program Committee, in cooperation with the Convention Manager (CM), is responsible for preparing the programs for annual meetings and for conducting all business concerning these programs. The Program Committee consists of six regular members. Two members will be newly appointed each year, one for a three-year term and one for a […]

Convention Managers

Administrative handbook i. description of the positions The MLA Convention Manager (CM) and the Assistant Convention Manager (ACM) are responsible for the arrangements for the annual meeting of the organization. They are authorized by the President and the Board to coordinate and oversee the planning of the meeting, in consultation with the Chairs of the […]