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Service Spotlight: Fiscal Officer

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Editor’s note: As readers may be aware, nominations are being accepted until May 31 for MLA board positions, which include three Members-At-Large who serve as our Assistant Parliamentarian, Assistant Planning and Reports Officer, and Assistant Fiscal Officer. But what do these roles involve? Here’s a snapshot provided by one of our officers, Casey Mullin

As Fiscal Officer, I’m responsible for coordinating the budget-setting process, which happens each spring. I establish and maintain contact with all committee chairs and special officers who typically request funds from the Board; their input helps shape the budget. I work closely with our intrepid Administrative Officers (this year, Tracey Rudnick and Elizabeth Hille Cribbs) who closely track and prepare detailed reports of expenditures and revenue across all areas of MLA activity. This year, a special challenge facing us is to explore fiscal models of a hybrid conference, where some folks attend in person and others remotely. This has significant implications on both the revenue and expense sides.

All of this carries a significant learning curve, which is why I’m grateful to have had a “ramp-up” year as Assistant Fiscal Officer, apprenticing to the amazing Anne Shelley and learning from the AOs. In that same spirit, this year I have a great AFO in Marci Cohen. Despite the challenges, I find the opportunity to learn deeply about MLA finances to be significantly rewarding, and this will make me a better all-around MLA member, especially if I take on future roles within the organization that have a monetary component.

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