Interest Groups

American Music Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Sarah Dorsey

This interest group focuses on all music of all the Americas. Varied topics include blues, jazz, hiphop, sacred harp singing, spirituals, reggae, the Boston Six composers ( Amy Beach, Arthur Foote, Edward MacDowell, George Chadwick, and Horatio Parker), and composers who specialize in film music, ballets, concert music, operas, etc. Our facebook page is open for all to post performances, symposiums, and other topics of interest.

Bibliography Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): David Hursh

The Bibliography Interest Group provides a forum at each annual meeting for those who:  (1) are in the middle of a research project, (2) are thinking of beginning a research project, or, (3) enjoy hearing about the research of other music librarians.  Attendees may share about current and possible projects, and glean input and advice from the other attendees, some of which are experienced researchers.

Black Music Collections Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Edward Komara

Blacklight Interest Group

Welcome to the Blacklight Discovery Platform Group. It provides the MLA community with a forum for discussing the Blacklight Discovery Platform and for sharing and advocating for developments that particularly effect optimal discovery, linkage, and bibliographic display of music materials. This group is intended not only for members from institutions that have already implemented Blacklight (or are in some process thereof) but also for those who may be exploring Blacklight’s features, particularly those impacting music.

Conservatories Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Rachel Smiley

Contemporary Music Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Carol Lubkowski

Digital Humanities Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Francesca Giannetti

This is a group for people interested in the Digital Humanities.

Film Music Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Jeff Lyon

Jazz and Popular Music Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Stephanie Lewin-Lane

This interest group generates presentations on jazz and popular music topics and discusses resources related to the subject. Some members come from institutions with an emphasis on jazz or pop music; others have a scholarly or personal interest. See our Tumblr,, to find out what we’ve been listening to, reading or are otherwise excited to have in our library collections.

Jewish Music Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Sharon Benamou

Local Music Collections Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Sara Outhier

Music Industry and Arts Management Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Veronica Wells

The Music Industry and Arts Management Interest Group is a forum for any librarian interested in any aspect of music business, arts management, publishing, music student career preparation, and other related areas.
Check out our resources lists and feel free to contribute.

Music Librarianship Educators Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Keith Cochran

Music Library Students and Emerging Professionals Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Timothy Sestrick

Musical Theatre Interest Group

Committee Chair(s): Frank Ferko

The Musical Theatre Interest Group provides a forum for the sharing of information and discussion of all matters related to musical theatre in its various manifestations around the world. These include not only American and Western European musical theatre traditions but also Chinese opera, Noh, musical theatre in India, and other musical theatre formats.