MLA Newsletter Issue 210

Volume 210 – Jacey Kepich, editor All Service Spotlight Oral History Insights Did You Know… Annual Conference Advocacy Resource 210 Search 210 Service Spotlight: MLA President By Newsletter Editor June 20, 2021 Dear MLA, As you may have noticed, the board and newsletter editor decided (a few years ago) to have a regular feature devoted […]

MLA Newsletter Issue 209

Volume 209 – Jacey Kepich, editor All Service Spotlight Five Questions COVID-19 Board Update Annual Conference 209 Search 209 Service Spotlight: Fiscal Officer By Newsletter Editor April 30, 2021 Editor’s note: As readers may be aware, nominations are being accepted until May 31 for MLA board positions, which include three Members-At-Large who serve as our […]

MLA Newsletter Issue 208

Volume 208 – Jacey Kepich, editor All Editor’s Note Annual Conference Advocacy Resource Oral History Interview Search From the Editor By Newsletter Editor April 1, 2021 As springtime unfolds, we find ourselves celebrating rebirth and renewal. Likewise, it’s also time to move the MLA newsletter out of hibernation after a unexpectedly challenging year. Hyacinths blooming at […]

MLA Newsletter Issue 207

Volume 207 – Jacey Kepich, editor All From the Editor Annual Conference Search From the Editor 2020 Update By Jacey Kepich January 7, 2021 You may be wondering ‘what happened to the MLA newsletter?’ As we’ve all experienced, the past year brought about unanticipated changes, including the need for my co-editor, Sandy Pearson, to step […]