VIII. Conventions

fiscal policies handbook VIII.A Convention budget MLA will apply for state tax exemption in states where a convention is being held. Application should be made well in advance before the convention budget is prepared. (Minutes, 02/1992, II.5) This application is made by the Administrative Officer. The Convention Manager submits a final convention budget to the […]

X. Webinars

fiscal policies handbook X. Webinars In 2013 the board approved a one-year contract with ALA Editions to offer webinars on music librarianship and other related topics. (Board minutes, 11/2013, 4) Presenters for ALAE/MLA webinars will each receive a $500 honorarium. (Board minutes, 5/21-22/2015) Instructors of ALA Editions e-courses will receive a $500 remuneration. (Board minutes, […]

XI. Chapters

fiscal policies handbook XI. Chapters All MLA chapters have group tax exemption as subordinates of MLA. (Minutes, 02/1993, II) Chapters may assess annual dues to cover expenses connected with chapter activities. (Constitution and Bylaws, Article VIII.D; Handbook, VII.C) Changes to a chapter’s by-laws, structure, or chair, and a description of gross income over $50,000 must […]

IX. Publications

fiscal policies handbook IX. Publications A contract with A-R Editions to co-publish the MLA monographic series was signed by the President and takes effect as of January 1, 2008. (Minutes, 02/2008 VI.2) MLA maintains a separate contract with A-R Editions for the publication of Notes and the conference program. The publication of Music Cataloging Bulletin […]

III. Income Streams

FIscal Policies handbook III. INcome Streams MLA’s income is derived from several sources. The major sources are member dues; subscriptions and sales; royalties; and advertising. The percentage of total income derived from each source fluctuates over time. III.A Membership Membership dues (regular, paraprofessional/non-salaried/part-time, sustaining, student, associate, retired, corporate, and institutional membership categories) are set by […]