II.B President

Administrative handbook Table of Contents Introduction The Music Library Association (MLA) functions according to the policies and procedures in the MLA Constitution and By-Laws. The Constitution and By-Laws take precedence over this document and all other administrative documents such as committee handbooks, special officer handbooks, etc. should conflicts arise. The Administrative Handbook documents practices and general […]

II.A General Information

Administrative handbook ii.A General Information (Sections of the Constitution and By-Laws applicable to this section: II.B; III.B.5, C, E.1, E.2, F.3; IV.A, B.1, C, D, E; V; VI.A-D, F; VII.A, C, D; VIII.A, B, E, F; IX.B, C, D; X.A, B, C; XI.) (rev. 4/2009) (rev. 3/2011)  II.a.1 CHarge The Board of Directors administers and […]