A Music Librarian’s Guide to Creating Videos and Podcasts

a music librarians guide to creating videos and podcasts book cover

A Music Librarian’s Guide to Creating Videos and Podcasts is a guide every music librarian will want to use to develop and enhance multi-media skills. The digital age has created a divide between music librarians and their patrons: traditional models of interaction have been superseded or replaced by electronic communication, and virtually all librarians have felt […]

Information Literacy in Music: An Instructor’s Companion

Information Literacy in Music book cover

Information Literacy in Music: An Instructor’s Companion is a practical guide to information literacy instruction for busy librarians and music faculty. This book contains examples of course-integrated assignments designed to help postsecondary music students develop foundational skills in information literacy. These assignments have been solicited from experienced librarians and faculty across the United States, and they […]

Music Description and Access: Solving the Puzzle of Cataloging

Music Description and Access book cover

Music Description and Access: Solving the Puzzle of Cataloging is both a textbook for students and a handbook and reference source for practicing catalogers. The bulk of the book is a step-by-step guide to cataloging music materials, with dozens of examples showing images of published scores or audio recordings. Content and encoding are treated separately, […]

Careers in Music Librarianship III: Reality and Reinvention

careers in music lirbarianship III book cover

Music librarianship—a profession that brings joy and satisfaction to many—is subject to constant change that requires, in turn, continual adaptation from its practitioners so that they become comfortable with new technologies and formats, changing standards, and fresh approaches. Relevant and solid training and education are crucial to success in this field, but they alone are […]

Directions in Music Cataloging

directions in music cataloging book cover

In Directions in Music Cataloging, ten of the field’s top theoreticians and practitioners address  the issues that are affecting the discovery and use of music in libraries today. Anyone who uses music in a library—be it a teacher, researcher, student, or casual amateur—relies on the work of music catalogers, and because these catalogers work with printed and […]