Outreach for Music Librarians

outreach for music librarians book cover

Many music librarians are tasked with reaching out to their primary user groups, but don’t know how to start this process, or need new ideas to spur them forward. Outreach for Music Librarians is a manual designed to provide immediate, practical help in the planning, implementation, and assessment of outreach projects. This manual is divided into […]

Ideas, Strategies, and Scenarios in Music Information Literacy

Ideas, Strategies, and Scenarios in Music Information Literacy book cover

Ideas, Strategies, and Scenarios in Music Information Literacy offers expert guidance on planning and implementing information literacy instruction programs in a wide range of instructional situations and theoretical frameworks.  The result is an exploration of various structures for engaging music students as reflective and engaged participants in today’s complex information environments. This rich time of […]

Keeping Time: An Introduction to Archival Best Practices for Music Librarians

keeping time book cover

Music libraries often contain much more than books, scores, and recordings; they are also home to a wealth of archival music materials. Despite having archival holdings, many music librarians struggle to provide adequate storage, description, and access to these materials. Remaining cognizant of the wide variety of funding and staffing available to music libraries across […]

Basic Music Reference: a Guide for Non-specialist Librarians, Library Assistants, and Student Employees

basic music reference book cover

Basic Music Reference is a quick-start guide designed to introduce library employees to the basic tools and techniques involved in answering questions related to music.  As in every specialist subject area, music has its own terminology, but unlike most, it also has a multitude of formats—on paper and other materials—as well as special notation and frequent […]

Money for the Asking: Fundraising for Music Libraries

money for the asking book cover

Money for the Asking explores the basics of fundraising for music library professionals.  Music libraries face many challenges today, including shrinking budgets. Fundraising is one way to increase a library’s resources, but few books address fundraising opportunities specifically for music libraries. In this concise volume Peter Munstedt provides practical advice for music librarians who want to […]