Notes Style Sheet

Notes Style Sheet: a work in continuous revision

Compiled from various style manuals, memoranda, and editing decisions of Notes editors, with members of the editorial staff, since 1999.

Authors should also consult “Information for Contributors” published in each Notes issue.

Deborah Campana, Oberlin Conservatory, Notes editor 2015–
Jane Gottlieb, The Juilliard School, editor 2010–2015
James P. Cassaro, University of Pittsburgh, editor 2004–2010
Linda Solow Blotner, University of Hartford (emerita), editor 2000–2004
Richard Griscom, University of Pennsylvania, editor 1997–2000

Style Sheet prepared for the Web and edited 1999–2008 by Darwin F. Scott, Princeton University
Style Sheet edited 2012– by R. Michael Fling, Indiana University (emeritus)

Comments and feedback to the journal or style-sheet editor are always welcome.

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