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Volume 207 - Jacey Kepich, editor

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Editor's Note

2020 Update

You may be wondering ‘what happened to the MLA newsletter?’

As we’ve all experienced, the past year brought about unanticipated changes, including the need for my co-editor, Sandy Pearson, to step down. Since then, I’ve worked with Susannah and our web editors to propose updates that will continue accomplishing the newsletter’s purpose: to collect and record the activities of MLA for our readers.

To that end, we’re experimenting with a new format that will coordinate MLA communications between the blog, newsletter, and listserv. The goal is to provide a more inclusive, accessible path to gather member contributions, making content visible and shareable more quickly from a variety of voices. This will mean utilizing the WordPress platform to host and archive newsletter content. It will also mean moving away from a published PDF format in favor of a more frequent ‘news roundup’.

We’re still working on technical specs, and appreciate your patience as we balance what’s best for all parties involved. Additional updates are forthcoming, and we hope everyone will benefit in the long run.

Annual Conference

Annual Meeting via Zoom

We are excited to host MLA’s first virtual meeting!
Join us March 1-5, 2021, online at a computer screen near you, and make sure to welcome our colleagues from TLA!

More info available through this video.