Music Catalog Librarian

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Job Description

The Music Catalog Librarian provides and maintains access to new and existing materials in support of the St Olaf College curriculum and the Bridge Consortium with a primary emphasis on music in all formats and a secondary emphasis on special collections. This position serves as part of a cross-departmental team that works to protect and promote discovery of our library collections.


  • Classify and create original catalog records for materials as needed according to national standards and Bridge policies. Keep abreast of changes in cataloging theory, rules and practices (as well as changes in the OCLC and Ex Libris systems) through readings and trainings (both online and in-person).
  • Basic and complex copy cataloging (based on RDA, AACR2, LC-PCC-PSs, LCRIs, LCSH, LCC and MARC and using the Alma library management system and OCLC’s Connexion client) of new acquisitions, gifts and existing materials. These materials generally include scores, sound recordings, books, serials, and other physical media and may also include electronic resources as necessary. Upgrade cataloging and classification where appropriate for currently held materials.
  • Perform authority work for cataloged materials, update bibliographic records and create local authority records as needed (working closely with counterparts within Bridge).
  • Work in partnership with Carleton College Library staff to maintain the shared Bridge catalog and participate in special clean-up and enhancement projects for bibliographic and item data. This will include the use of internal and external tools for batch processing of MARC records. Maintain knowledge of Bridge discovery tools and their relation to the bibliographic database. Work closely with Bridge catalogers to establish and refine local policies and procedures. Provide cataloging assistance to Bridge member libraries as approved by supervisor.
  • Supervise and train student workers as needed. Assist with training other staff members as needed.
  • As a member of the Bridge Consortium the catalog librarian will work collaboratively and in tandem with peers at Carleton College to ensure that work is not duplicated and that costs are contained or reduced. Additionally, the Music Catalog Librarian may be asked to provide services to Carleton College. He or she is responsible for participating in all appropriate Bridge working groups, meetings and functions.
  • Attend all relevant staff meetings scheduled during regular working hours including those in the Music Library. Participate on Library and Bridge teams/working groups as assigned. Participate in the evaluation and review of new work processes and tools as assigned by the supervisor. Prepare activity reports as requested. Serve as a backup to other staff as needed and as requested by the supervisor. Perform other duties as requested by the library leadership.


Student workers


Regular contact with St. Olaf staff and faculty, student workers, and Carleton library staff.


  • Ability to perform detailed work accurately
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently to identify and solve problems
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and software
  • Willingness to foster teamwork, communication, and collaboration within and between departments.
  • A commitment to the ideas and goals of a liberal arts college and its library


Ability to lift 20 pounds, unpack and shelve books, and push carts of books as needed.


Ergonomic issues involving computer work that include repetitive motion, eye strain, back and neck strain. Frequent contact with old paper and materials that may contain dust, mildew or other allergens.


FTE: 1.0

Term: 12 months

Shift: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday


  • ALA accredited Master’s in Library Science or related field.
  • B.A. in music, B.M., or equivalent training in music.


  • Minimum of one year original cataloging and authority control experience
  • Experience using Connexion (OCLC)
  • Understanding of the principles of cataloging, subject analysis, classification, and authority control including recognized rules and standards (AACR2, RDA, LCRIs, LC-PCC-PSs, LCSH, LCC, and MARC)


  • Graduate study in music.


  • Music cataloging experience
  • Reading knowledge of French, German, and/or Italian preferred

How to Apply

For full announcement and application instructions, go to: 

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