MLA Advertising Manager

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Job Description

Description: The Advertising Manager is a special officer of the Music Library Association (MLA) who serves the organization by soliciting ads for Notes and for the MLA website. This involves coordinating efforts with the Notes editor to maintain or surpass the quality and timeliness of the advertisements for each issue of the journal, and working with its Board to maximize advertising revenue.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) provides advertising copy per specifications used with MLA publications to the MLA Business Office for each MLA publication (quarterly issues of Notes); (2) maintains and updates as necessary advertising rates for Notes and other Association advertising venues; (3) reviews all advertisements received and advises on optimal format, including size, layout, resolution, file format, legibility, and content; (4) determines if advertisements as submitted meet the established specifications, suggests revisions to the advertiser, or has the MLA Business Office create advertisements for a fee, if necessary; (5) creates advertisements for MLA (membership, Notes, and other publications) for submission into Notes ad space as required for spacing and/or page-layout specifications; (6) submits material in an organized and timely way; (7) works with the MLA Business Office to prepare invoices after submitting ad copy for publication; (8) tracks payments and maintains correspondence with delinquent clients and with the MLA Business Office for their resolution. This position reports to the MLA Board on financial matters, and coordinates efforts with the Notes editor to maintain the journal’s production schedule and with the MLA web editor to meet online advertisement deadlines. The Advertising Manager is required to attend the annual meeting of the Association in order to meet with advertisers, review processes with the Notes editor and the Business Office staff, and to meet with the Board. The Advertising Manager is a voting member of the MLA Publications Committee, and works closely with the Notes editor, the Association’s Business Office, the President, and the Board to carry out the mission of the Association.

Qualifications: The position requires a dynamic, well-organized and detail-oriented individual with at least five years of experience as a music librarian; administrative experience and knowledge of advertising principles; experience in editing or producing publications; e-mail and computer access and literacy; a working knowledge of graphics and graphics formats associated with MLA publications, including but not limited to TIFF, JPEG, and PDF; practical knowledge of opportunities in electronic advertising. Experience with Microsoft Office technology and its applications, Adobe Acrobat for handling PDF files (for ad submissions and page proofs), and web advertising formats is preferable. Membership in MLA is required, with at least five years of prior membership in the organization preferred.

Term: The duration of appointment is one year, with reappointment possible for a total of four years. The Board reviews the performance of the Advertising Manager annually with input from the Notes editor and the Business Office. The President reappoints upon successful review and the desire of the incumbent to continue. The successful candidate will be appointed at the February 2015 annual meeting in Denver, and will work closely with the current incumbent to ensure a smooth transition.

How to Apply

Application: Please send a letter of application and resume with a list of three professional references by e-mail attachment to Wendy Sistrunk:

Recommendations for candidacy are welcome. Members of the Search Committee are: Wendy Sistrunk, chair, Janelle West and James Zychowicz.

Deadline extended to December 19, 2014.

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