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Job Description

The University of California, Santa Barbara Library will be hiring a paid consultant to assist the editors of the Discography of American Historical Recordings (DAHR) in improving DAHR metadata in three areas:

  1. Analyze the data structure of the DAHR to assess its compliance with the RDA cataloging standard and make recommendations for changes to bring it into compliance.

  2. Assess the emerging BIBFRAME standard and make recommendations on ways in which DAHR can eventually implement the standard, for example in the DAHR to MARC cataloging tool.

  3. Study the technology behind the Library of Congress Linked Data Service (and possibly other name-based linked data services) and make specific recommendations so that DAHR programmers can implement this and make DAHR utilize URIs for name entities.

Inquiries are welcome from metadata specialists interested in providing these services or recommendations of people who might have these qualifications. The deliverable is a report with sufficient detail to execute the above 3 goals.


The Discography of American Historical Recordings (DAHR), is a database of master recordings made by American record companies during the 78rpm era. It is part of the American Discography Project (ADP)—an initiative of the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) that is edited by a team of researchers based at the UCSB Library. The database comprehensively documents over 275,000 masters made by over eight American record labels, and currently provides streaming access to over 15,000 recordings. Current and future initiatives are to provide library compliant catalog records for libraries and streaming access to content from partner libraries and archives in collaboration with the major record companies.

How to Apply

Please contact the project leaders David Seubert ( and Sam Brylawski ( if interested or if you want further information. Please provide a current resume, a brief statement of qualifications in this area and hourly rate.

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