Library Specialist, Acquisitions

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Job Description

Haverford College seeks to hire a full time, non-exempt, fully benefits eligible Acquisitions Specialist. The Acquisitions Specialist performs all tasks associated with the ordering and receiving of non-serial materials in an automated environment using Tripod (the Tri-College Consortium’s integrated library system), OCLC, vendor databases, and the Internet. Performs some library fiscal activities related to the purchase and invoicing of library bibliographic materials using the College’s Workday enterprise system. Reports to the Head of Acquisitions & Serials.

Essential Functions & Primary Responsibilities:

  • Averages 1-2 hours per week performing Music ordering, with fluctuations for the time of year or special projects.

  • Together with the Collection Management & Metadata Services Assistant and student assistants, and under the general direction of the Head of Acquisitions & Serials, performs all ordering and receiving activities for library materials other than serials.

  • Under the general direction of the Head of Acquisitions and Serials, maintains accurate order information on Tripod; identifies problems and initiates appropriate action to correct errors; submits claims for titles not received; maintains vendor files; reconciles statements and communicates with vendors regarding discrepancies; enters vendor updates and investigates outstanding orders including canceling and redirecting orders if necessary; records financial activity on Tripod: processes invoices, posts payfiles, performs annual Tripod fiscal close.

  • Performs complex ordering including orders for Music Library materials and out-of-print materials. Serves as a resource for ordering expertise for the Collection Management & Metadata Services Assistant.

  • Assists in the hiring, supervision, and training of student assistants and other Library staff involved in acquiring materials.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Education, Training, & Experience:

  • BA/BS or its equivalent in training or experience, required.

  • 2 years of experience in purchasing or ordering and/or in libraries or related fields, required.

  • Adaptability to changes in electronic tools; excellent working knowledge of spreadsheet software; experience and strong facility with desktop computing and standard software applications such as Word, Excel, and Internet browsers, required.

  • Accuracy and attention to detail, especially with numbers; well-developed problem-solving skills; dependability; and resourcefulness, required.

  • Superior organizational skills and flexibility in dealing with multiple daily tasks and interruptions, ability to interact and collaborate with colleagues, and ability to exercise independent judgment, required.

  • Strong commitment to service and to teamwork, required.

  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and English-language written and oral communication skills, required.

  • Ability to identify, communicate with, and evaluate vendors, required.

  • Ability to lift and move boxes of books, up to 50 pounds, required.

  • Library acquisitions experience in an automated environment using national bibliographic networks and local library systems, knowledge of standard bibliographic sources and the book trade, desirable.

  • Elementary knowledge of music terminology, elementary bibliographic or reading knowledge of French, German, Spanish, or Arabic, desirable.

Physical Demands and Environmental Conditions Required of this Position:

  • Lifting (to exert strength to move objects from one place to another):

    • Sedentary Lifting: (0-10 pounds) Up to three hours

    • Light Lifting (10-20 pounds): Up to three hours

    • Moderate Lifting (20-50 pounds): Up to three hours

    • Heavy Lifting (50 to 100 pounds): Never

  • Pulling (to exert force upon an abject to move or change its direction: Up to three hours

  • Pushing (to draw an object toward oneself to move or change its direction): Up to three hours

  • Carrying (to hold objects while moving entire body): Up to three hours

  • Reaching or working above shoulder (to extend arms upward or outward away from body): Up to three hours

  • Walking (to move entire body in erect position): Up to three hours

  • Standing (to maintain body in erect posture in stationary position): Up to three hours

  • Sitting (to rest weight on buttocks and back of thighs with legs bent at knees): Six to eight hours

  • Crouching/Stooping (to bend upper body forward while fully flexing knees): Up to three hours

  • Kneeling (to maintain upper body in erect position while resting knees on ground): Never

  • Climbing (to ascend or descent heights using ladders, scaffolding, stairs, poles, inclined surfaces): Never

  • Twisting (to rotate upper body while feet remain stationary): Up to three hours

  • Driving (operating a motor vehicle, crane, tractor, forklift, etc.): Never

  • Exposure Limitation (i.e., cold water, dust, gas, fumes, extreme temperatures): Never

How to Apply

The application deadline is Monday, November 27, 2017.

Please visit

Haverford College has a longstanding commitment to diversity rooted in values of inclusion and social justice, a commitment reflected in the academic program, lived experience, and composition of the College community. Haverford welcomes applications from candidates who share these values and who will contribute to the College’s educational mission.

Haverford College is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

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