Head of Cataloging and Electronic Resource Management

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Job Description

The Head of Cataloging and Electronic Resource Management is responsible for cataloging and processing of all library materials, the ongoing maintenance of the FLO online database and the management of all library electronic resources.


  1. Catalogs print and microform materials, sound & video recordings, electronic resources, computer software
  2. Establishes and implements cataloging policy for the library in accordance with national standards for bibliographic description
  3. Establishes and implements database policy in coordination with the FLO Quality Control Committee
  4. Evaluates and upgrades bibliographic records in OCLC national database through Enhance program
  5. Evaluates and upgrades bibliographic data in the FLO database
  6. Trains, supervises and evaluates all members of the Technical Services Team,  including the Catalog Librarian, the Collection Management Librarian, and the Technical Services Assistant; recommends hiring, firing and advancement for these positions
  7. Oversee the electronic serials collection
  8. Oversees the management of all library electronic resources
  9. Serves as contact and trouble shooter for issues relating to the digital Institutional Repository,  ERM and SFX software
  10. Assists faculty, students and staff in the use of library materials and the library catalogs


  1. Masters in Library Science and Bachelor’s in Music required.
  2. Minimum of 5 years of experience required.
  3. Knowledge of and experience with RDA, OCLC, MARC formats, and automated library software such as Endeavor, SFX and ERM.
  4. Working knowledge of most European languages (especially French, German & Italian); a bibliographic knowledge of Cyrillic based languages is helpful.
  5. Thorough knowledge of standard repertoire in all performance areas.
  6. Good communication skills.

How to Apply

Applicants must apply through NEC’S career website:

This position is open until filled.

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