Editor – Music

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Job Description

General Information 

Alexander Street Press is an award-winning publisher of electronic products, including unique combinations of audio, video and text with service layers and packaging models ranging from single titles to very large collections. ASP is located in Alexandria, VA. We are recognized by our customers and peers for producing online collections of outstanding quality that blaze trails in disciplines and cross-disciplinary themes. We see understanding customer needs and delivering high quality and innovative products as the root of our success. Our continuing success is built on a habit of launching new and innovative products each and every year since our founding 14 years ago.


Position Details

We are looking for an experienced Editor to join our music discipline team. The Editor works with the Publisher/Team Leader and with the Assistant Editor to manage the development of products and services in the Music discipline from concept stage to release. The Editor ensures that we are successfully implementing the vision of the Publisher/Team Leader to achieve our stated annual goals and move toward our longer term discipline/company vision. The Editor should view this role as a “Publisher-in-training” role in that the editor supports and drives the vision of the Publisher in collaboration and with a view towards growing into a Publisher/Team Leader role.



Main responsibilities include:

  • Work with the Publisher to build and closely manage bibliographies of targeted content for various product packages.
  • License and secure content from a range of commercial publishers, university archives, music labels, video distributors, etc.
  • Work with the Publisher to draft and implement product business plans and budgets for products.
  • Work with the Publisher to establish and manage scholarly advisors to review product development plans, write secondary material, generate advance interest in ASP products, and build user communities for products.
  • Work with internal teams to articulate indexing and interface specifications for products.
  • Work with the Publisher in the creation of marketing copy and product overviews, and guide the sales team in the preparation of effective customer presentations for each product.
  • Respond to customer and sales team requests and issues.
  • Attend conferences on behalf of ASP Music products and the Music Team.

The ideal candidate will have

  • At least one year experience in publishing as an assistant editor, development editor, production editor or salesperson facing faculty and/or librarians.
  • A background in music is required.
  • Strong project management and communication skills.
  • A graduate degree (Bachelor’s degree is required).

How to Apply

Please send resumes and cover letters to

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