Digital Media Librarian

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Job Description

Description: Reporting to the Vice President for Library and Information Resources, and working collaboratively with the Media Librarian, Technical Services Librarian, and other key Juilliard staff, the Digital Media Librarian will help guide Juilliard’s transformation of its existing Media Library into a Digital Media Resource Center, where students and faculty may access digital surrogates of both print and audio/video materials. The successful applicant will oversee digitization of legacy collections of Juilliard performances, including protocols for metadata with links to the library’s on-line public access catalog (JUILCAT), and its in-house Juilliard Program Database. The position is also responsible for overseeing access to the library’s collection of more than 26,000 commercial sound recordings (CDs, lps, and tapes), and 3,000 commercial videos, which are used by the community along with subscription-based digital audio and video collections.


  • Oversee digital preservation of archival audio and video collections, including metadata creation
  • Work closely with other departments that capture Juilliard performances, including Recording Department and Dance Division
  • Work closely with IT staff on digital file storage
  • Coordinate access to archival media with in-house Juilliard Concert Program Database, and JUILCAT online library catalog
  • Assist faculty with creation of digital reserves (both print and audio/video)
  • Work closely with archives and library staff on digitization of materials in other formats (photographs, music manuscripts, etc)
  • Oversee digital media resource center, which encompasses library collection of more than 26,000 commercial sound recordings and 3,000 videos, and its expansion into a student computer lab; assist faculty members in use of educational technology
  • Supervise work study students and interns

Minimum Requirements:

  • ALA-accredited M.L.S. degree.
  • Bachelor’s degree in music.
  • Knowledge of best practices for audiovisual preservation and access, including metadata creation and file storage.
  • Knowledge of best practices for preservation of physical copies
  • Experience digitizing materials in all formats (audio, video, prints, and photographs)
  • Knowledge of preservation methods for born-digital materials
  • Knowledge of copyright, especially as it relates to digital reserves.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and strong commitment to library service
  • Familiarity with MARC cataloging for audio and video materials, as well as emerging standards relevant to digital media discovery and description (i.e, BibFrame); experience using LC authority files.
  • Familiarity with digital asset or content management systems (DAM or CMS) that meet the needs of archival-based research, retrieval, and security.
  • Familiarity with Course Management Systems and other educational technology tools
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to function efficiently within a busy and demanding work environment

How to Apply

For full description and to apply, please go to:

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