Associate Librarian for Ensembles and Performing Rights

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Job Description

The Associate Librarian for Ensembles and Performing Rights manages, maintains, and services the St. Olaf College Performance Libraries and ensemble collections, and administers mechanical and musical performance rights for St. Olaf Records and St. Olaf College.  This position works closely with ensemble conductors, supervises ensemble student librarians, prepares concert programs as directed for on-campus performances and ensembles, and works with the Finance department and Broadcast/Media Services to secure and ensure compliance regarding necessary licenses and mechanical rights for music and texts to be performed, printed, streamed, recorded and distributed.


  1. Prepare, distribute, track and collect all ensemble music, conductor scores and performance parts in a timely manner.  Manage any fines for late or unreturned music.
  2. Provide music for individual faculty members, music classes and lab choirs for private study.
  3. Provide music to conductors and ensembles for program preparation as needed.
  4. Maintain and update publisher information for commercial St. Olaf recordings.
  5. Acquire new sheet music required for performance (purchase, rental, download, or loan).
  6. In collaboration with necessary constituents, manage, maintain and lead development of an accurate and robust database of the St. Olaf College performance library.  
  7. Ensure music is legible and in good repair, to include fixing bad page turns, taping, and replacing parts.
  8. Provide research for future programming, as requested.
  9. Provide originals for musical excerpts to be used in audition packets.
  10. Train and supervise performance library student workers to assist with responsibilities.
  11. Secure recording and musical performance rights for the college, including permission for reprinting of texts in programs, in conjunction with broadcast media services.
  12. Provide information including clearance language for program inclusion (where necessary) for concert programs in conjunction with Coordinator of Music Organizations as requested.
  13.  Manage music acquisition budgets with conductors and Music Department Chair.
  14. Fulfill music loan requests for special patrons outside of St. Olaf. 
  15. Oversee St. Olaf Rental Library (St. Olaf composer orchestrations written for St. Olaf performances, often Christmas Festival).
  16. Other duties as apparent or assigned.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:  Supervise performance library student workers annually, and manage appropriate student worker budget.

CONTACTS:  Faculty, ensemble conductors and student ensemble librarians, staff, students, alumni, outside constituencies.

WORK SCHEDULE:             

FTE:  1.0, Year-round position

Shift:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, plus some evenings and weekends as required.


  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, written and verbal communication skills.  Professional behavior and strong modeling for student workers.
  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible, innovative, proactive, positive and composed under pressure.
  • Advanced skill level with Macintosh Platform – Microsoft Office Suite and databases.  Working knowledge with Adobe Acrobat Pro and Preview or similar programs.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize with little supervision is essential.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to work closely and well with conductors and students, ensuring clear communication and expectations for music needs.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS  Ability to lift and move up to 40 lbs

WORKING ENVIRONMENT:  High traffic flow with limited and shared space.

Required Qualifications


  • College degree in Music or library science or equivalent experience


  • 3-5+ years in an academic or professional ensemble music setting with year-round or multiple performances occurring during a year or performance season; strong music background, and data-base experience.

Desired Qualfications


  • Experience with both instrumental and choral music; ability to read music.


  • Experience as an ensemble librarian, with both choral and instrumental music, at an academic, professional or semi-professional ensemble musical institution; prior work with copyrights.  Prior work with music library databases preferred (such as OPAS).

How to Apply

A cover letter and resume are required. See full announcement and application instructions at:

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