I. Background of this Handbook

MLA’s accountants, Hertzbach and Company, P.A., recommended that the Association create a formal fiscal policy. A first step in that direction is to gather together all current and past Fiscal policies (from the Administrative Handbook) and motions (from past Board minutes) in order to make sense of the various fiscal issues from MLA’s history. The Assistant Fiscal Officer, in consultation with the Administrative Officer, was charged with creating this document prior to the February 2001 Annual meeting in New York. (Minutes, 10/2000, X.C)

The Assistant Fiscal Officer maintains the Fiscal Policies Handbook. (Finance Committee Minutes, 02/2001, 6)

The Fiscal Policies Handbook will be maintained on MLA’s website. (see Minutes, 09/2001, IX.C)

This handbook, as revised in 2018, contains current policies that supersede any conflicting historical policies.