Coping with Burnout: Strategies for Staying Centered

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In our latest workshop in collaboration with ALA Publishing, we are focusing on how you can avoid some of the mental health perils of your demanding job. Librarianship is a stressful profession—in addition to our daily responsibilities, we often feel like tutors and social workers.  Many studies and observations have shown that fatigue, stress, and burnout are occurring at higher and higher rates among library staff.  The negative effects from burnout and fatigue can impact many aspects of life, including work, interpersonal relationships, and health. In this new workshop, librarians Heather Fisher and Michael Duffy teach you how to identify the signs of burnout and fatigue—both in yourself and your colleagues, so you can be proactive and take manageable steps to reverse the effects of burnout. You’ll learn time and stress management strategies that are simple and easy to apply to help avoid burnout and to better cope with it when it does occur. You can register for this workshop directly at the ALA Store.