MLA Statement Opposing Racism and Police Brutality

We, the Music Library Association, express our support to the families of Mr. George Floyd, Ms. Breonna Taylor, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, and to Black people all across the world who struggle to enjoy universal human rights. There is power in coming together to directly oppose racial injustice and police brutality. Therefore, the Music Library Association […]

New Student/Early Career Visiting Board Member

Jessica Abbazio has been selected as the inaugural Board Student/Early Career Representative in the three-year pilot for a visiting member of the Board to represent the early-career and student members of the Association. She will join the Board in upcoming (virtual) meetings in May and June 2020 and serve through the conclusion of the 2021 […]

MLA Board Statement on COVID-19 and Student Workers

The Board of the Music Library Association strongly encourages academic library administrations to ensure that student workers—often our most financially vulnerable employees—continue to receive compensation throughout periods of closure or reduced service hours related to the outbreak of COVID-19. Furthermore, compensation should not require an employee’s presence on site. Music library student workers, in particular, […]

Statement to YIVO

On behalf of the Music Library Association, I write to express our organization’s strong disagreement with the decision to lay off all of YIVO’s librarians. Librarians are trained professionals who collect, maintain, and facilitate access to both physical and virtual resources. Experienced in the research process and deeply knowledgeable about their collections, librarians are the vital […]

2019 MLA Board Elections Results

Congratulations to the following people who have been elected to board positions. They will assume their duties at the conclusion of the annual meeting in Norfolk, VA in 2020. Vice President/President-elect: Liza VickSecretary: Misti ShawMembers-at-large: Brian McMillan (Assistant Parliamentarian); Casey Mullin (Assistant Fiscal Officer); and Diane Steinhaus (Assistant Planning and Reports Officer) Thanks go to […]