Texas Chapter Annual Report 2019

submitted by Pamela Pagels

Current Roster

Chapter Officers:

  • Pamela Pagels, Chair (2019)
  • Bruce Evans, Vice-chair/Chair-elect (2019)
  • Donna Arnold, Secretary/Treasurer (2020)
  • Clayton Crenshaw, Past-chair (2019)

Membership Committee:

  • Bruce Evans
  • Adam La Spata
  • Synae Yoon

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Complete the migration of the TMLA website to MLA’s platform
    • Completed March 2019
  • Membership survey
    • Completed May 2019.
  • Promote more options in programming for fall chapter meeting to encourage greater participation
    • Meeting presentations were increased nearly three-fold.

List of Future Goals

  1.  Increase TMLA outreach and membership: Goal areas, Membership, Objective 2; Organizational Excellence, Objective 3
      Reformat Texas Composer Database for online access and discoverability