Reference Sources Subcommittee Annual Report 2020

submitted by Donna Arnold

Current Roster

  • Donna Arnold 2022
  • Amy Edmonds 2022
  • David King 2022
  • Bonnie Finn 2022
  • Paula Hickner 2023
  • David Day 2024
  • Lisa Chaufty 2024

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Revive Reference Sources Subcommittee blog, which had not been active recently. Goal Area: Value of the Profession COMPLETED We named it Reference Sources Spotlight.
  • Plan and submit a proposal for a session at the 2019 MLA meeting in St. Louis COMPLETED [our proposal was not accepted]
  • Explore new avenues of outreach and advocacy for reference sources. Goal Area: Advocacy; Objective 5, “Promote and encourage the use of music in all disciplines.” COMPLETED (We made plans for our project of examining libguides and other music research guides as possible reference sources.)

List of Future Goals

  • Continue Reference Sources Spotlight blog; increase the frequency of posts. Relevant Goal Statement: MLA’s professional development programs foster excellence in those who work with music collections. Objective 3: Publish open access content on the web. Objective 5: Promote and encourage the use of music in all disciplines.
  • Expand scope of blog by inviting MLA members outside our subcommittee to propose and submit posts, thus advocating for the awareness of reference sources and their importance to the profession.
  • Resume work on libguides project; conduct a formal or informal survey to seek input from creators and users of libguides; explore ways to publicize our findings. Relevant Goal Area: Advocacy. Goal Statement: MLA promotes and supports the equitable and  ethical use of music in learning; it participates in the evolution of scholarly communication.