Recording Secretary Annual Report 2019

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

MLA Board of Directors Annual Report 2019

The Board met three times in fiscal year July 2018 to June 2019:

November 10, 2018, Montreal, Quebec

February 19-23, 2019, St. Louis, MO

May 14-16, 2019, Middleton, WI

Susannah Cleveland became President, and Mark McKnight became Past-President. Tracey Rudnick transitioned to Administrative Officer, and Janelle West became Assistant Administrative Officer. Joe Clark, Anna Kijas, and Andy Leach finished their member-at-large Board terms, and were succeeded by Assistant Fiscal Officer Anne Shelley, Assistant Parliamentarian Kimmy Szeto, and Assistant Planning and Reports Officer Jon Sauceda. 



At its Middleton meeting, the Board approved a balanced budget for FY 2018-2019. Member dues remained unchanged with the exception of international corporate patrons and members. Those categories were lowered to be the same as US corporate patrons and members.  Honoraria continued in their transition period between the current structure and the structure recommended in 2014 by the Special Officers and Editors Honoraria Task Force.

Registration rates for the annual meeting remained unchanged. Exhibitor rates remained unchanged. 

IAML dues remained unchanged.



The Early Career membership category was created, as was a corresponding annual meeting registration rate. Early Career is defined as the first 5 chronological years after student status has ceased.

MLStEP became a special project under the Career Development and Services committee. 

The Open Access Popular Song Anthology proposal was accepted.

Titles previously co-published by Scarecrow will begin to be made open access.

The Family Associate Member membership category was established.

A 3-year pilot was established for a new Board position to be occupied by a student or early career MLA member.


The Board endorsed the Archival Description of Notated Music (ADNM) and Guidelines, prepared by the Working Group for Description of Archival Materials of the Archives and Special Collections committee. 

Committees, Officers, Interest Groups, Task Forces, and Working Groups:


The charge for the MLA Advocacy committee was created and approved.

The Equity and Inclusion subcommittee (of the Diversity committee) was established.

Search Committees

Advertising Officer search committee: Chair Matt Ertz; appointed, Steve Mantz


The charge for Open Access Editor was created and approved.

The structure for Web Manager was changed to mirror that of Administrative Officer: 1 year as assistant, 2 years as Manager, 1 year as assistant.

Task Forces

The MLA-L Task Force was formed.


2019 Board of Directors

President: Susannah Cleveland

Past President: Mark McKnight

Recording Secretary: Misti Shaw

Administrative Officer: Tracey Rudnick

Assistant Administrative Officer: Janelle West

Members-at-Large 2018-2020

Beth Iseminger
Rachel Fox von Swearingen
Bruce Evans

Members-at-Large 2019-2021

Anne Shelley

Jon Sauceda

Kimmy Szeto

List of Future Goals