Recording Secretary Annual Report 2018

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

MLA Board of Directors 2018 Annual Report

The Board met three times in fiscal year July 2017-June 2018: October 14-15, 2017, New Orleans, LA January 30-February 4, 2018, Portland, OR May 15-16, 2018, Middleton, WI

  • Transitions:
    • At the annual meeting in Portland, Susannah Cleveland became vice president/president elect, and Michael Rogan finished his term as past president. Suzanne Eggleston Lovejoy, Gerry Szymanski, and Hermine Vermeij finished their terms as board-at-large members, succeeded by Assistant Fiscal Officer Beth Iseminger, Assistant Parliamentarian Rachel Fox von Swearingen, and Assistant Planning and Reports Officer Bruce Evans. Tracey Rudnick became Assistant Administrative Officer. Lisa Shiota completed her term as Recording Secretary and was succeeded by Misti Shaw.
  • Budget:
    • At its Middleton meeting, the Board approved a balanced budget for FY 2017-2018. Member dues increased by 10 dollars, except for sustaining members, whose increases rose by 20 dollars. Student and Paraprofessional/Non-salaried/Part-time member dues remained unchanged. Honoraria continued in their transition period between the current structure and the structure recommended in 2014 by the Special Officers and Editors Honoraria Task Force.
    • Registration rates for members and exhibitors for the 2019 annual meeting in St. Louis were set at slightly higher rates compared to the previous year in Portland. Early member and early non-member registration increased by 10 dollars; paraprofessional/non salaried/part-time and retired members increased by 5 dollars. Regular member and non-member registration increased 30 dollars. Student and reduced-for-work registration stayed the same as the previous year. Exhibitor rates remained unchanged.
    • IAML dues increased by 5 dollars.
  • Actions
    • The Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy was revised and renamed “Music Library Association Code of Conduct.”
    • The Kevin Freeman Travel Grant was modified so that awardees of the Diversity Scholarship Award will be automatically considered for the grant.
    • A MLA Group at Humanities Commons was established. Later, it was decided that the MLA Humanities Common space be governed by the MLA Code of Conduct.
  • Endorsements
    • The Board endorsed the Music Library Association Statement on Net Neutrality.
  • Committees, Officers, Interest Groups, Task Forces, and Working Groups:
    • Committees
      • The Music Library Advocacy committee was created.
    • Officers
      • The charge of the Advertising Manager was revised.
    • Search Committees
      • Assistant Administrative Officer: Chair, Paul Cary; appointed, Tracey Rudnick Assistant Convention Manager: Chair, Wendy Sistrunk;  appointed, Andrew Justice Publicity and Outreach Officer: Chair, Sara Nodine; appointed, Lisa Shiota
    • Task Forces
      • The Music Discovery Requirements Update Task Force submitted its Music Discovery Requirements document, version 2, which the Board approved.
      • The Core Competencies for Music Librarians Task Force was formed.
      • The Climate Survey Task Force was formed.
      • The Conference Program Workflow Task Force was formed.
      • The Ad Hoc committee to review investments was dissolved.
      • The Susan T. “Suki” Sommer Society for Planned Giving was formed.

2018 Board of Directors

  • President: Mark McKnight
  • Vice President/President Elect: Susannah Cleveland
  • Recording Secretary: Misti Shaw
  • Administrative Officer: Janelle West
  • Assistant Administrative Officer: Tracey Rudnick

Members-at-Large 2017-2019

  • Joe Clark
  • Anna Kijas
  • Andy Leach

Members-at-Large 2018-2020

  • Beth Iseminger
  • Rachel Fox von Swearingen
  • Bruce Evans

List of Future Goals