Preservation Committee Annual Report 2020

submitted by Treshani Perera

Current Roster

  • Treshani Perera, chair (2022)
  • Elizabeth Berndt-Morris, member (2021)
  • Jonathan Manton, member (2022)
  • Peter Shirts, member (2022)
  • Kristi Bergland, member (2023)
  • Keith D. Eiten, member (2023)
  • William Sherfey, member (2023)
  • Kevin Kishimoto (2024)
  • Enrique Caboverde (2024)
  • Melissa E. Wertheimer, ex-officio (2021)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • At the end of MLA 2020, Maria Jane Loizou completed her term as a committee member. Enrique Caboverde and Kevin Kishimoto joined the committee as new members.
  • The committee completed the summary report for survey conducted in 2019 (Survey on Quality of Binding and Physical Condition in Books and Scores).

List of Future Goals

  • Publish survey summary report on the MLA website and disseminate to the professional community via MLA-L, IAML-L, and other professional list-servs.
    • This goal aligns with MLA’s Core Value: Advancement of knowledge about music (the Association promotes research and scholarship by members and non-members on all topics pertaining to aspects of music).
  • Co-sponsor 2 program sessions at MLA 2021 virtual conference. Two conference sessions – one on preservation of 21st century scores, and another on digital preservation  – has been accepted for MLA 2021.
    • This goal aligns with MLA Goal Area: Education and Objective 1: Increase enrollment in MLA-sponsored training and professional development programs.