Preservation Committee Annual Report 2018

submitted by Treshani Perera, Chair

Current Roster

  • Treshani Perera, Chair (2018)
  • Alice Carli (2014)
  • Rob DeLand (2015)
  • Maria Jane Loizou (2016)
  • Matthew Vest (2016)
  • Elizabeth Berndt-Morris (2017)
  • Jonathan Manton (2018)
  • Peter Shirts (2018)
  • Melissa Wertheimer, Ex-officio (2018)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Prepare survey questionnaire for upcoming study Book and Score Condition and Use in Music Libraries to be administered by the committee.
    • Survey questionnaire in draft status.
  • Whitepaper on quality construction of books and scores towards the end of 2017 with the goal of final draft launch during MLA 2018.
    • Inactive.

List of Future Goals

  • Revisit draft of survey questionnaire for Book and Score Condition and Use in Music Libraries and expand survey to include research questions on preservation and conservation issues related to books and scores in music libraries. Investigate platform for survey administration, complete questionnaire design during first half of FY 2019, and administer the survey following MLA 2019 annual meeting. Create white paper based on survey results, and publish on the committee webpage.