Pacific Northwest Chapter Annual Report 2019

submitted by Cate Gerhart

Current Roster

  • Cate  Gerhart, Chair, 2020)
  • Emily Vickers, Chair elect/Chair (2021)
  • Bill Blair, Secretary/Treasurer (2021)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  1. Plan 50th anniversary meeting in May 2019.  Had a very successful meeting including getting to see many of our retired members.
  2. Continue collecting  oral histories for retired member.  Conducted three more oral histories at our meeting, one with Leslie Bennett, one with Elaine Weeks, and one with John Gibbs
  3. Get Chapter archives delivered to new home at UW.  Used many things in the archive for a exhibition at the 50th anniversary chapter meeting.  Still trying to find some materials that are missing.  One of the Chapter members, Cindy Richardson, has agreed to work on our papers after they are submitted to the Archive once she finishes another group of papers that she is voluntarily processing for the UW Special Collections.

List of Future Goals

  1. Continue working on getting the archive submitted to UW Special Collecitons
  2. Continue to hold oral histories at the annual meetings and perhaps some in between
  3. Plan another joint  meeting with the  California Chapter (West Coast Chapter meeting

(Note: none of these seem to fit into the strategic plan.  Sorry!!!!)