Planning Committee Annual Report 2020

submitted by Jonathan Sauceda

Current Roster

  • Jessica Abbazio, member (2021)
  • Brian McMillan, member (2022)
  • Jonathan Sauceda, chair (2021)
  • Misti Shaw, member (2022)
  • Diane Steinhaus, member (2022)
  • Kimmy Szeto, member (2021)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • GOAL 1: Released Annual Conference Survey
    • Contributes to organizational excellence through transparency.
  • GOAL 2: Updated Freeman Award Eligibility Guidelines
    • Supports expanding the membership and maintaining organizational excellence by prioritizing diversity
  • GOAL 3: Established a program for accessibility assistance and dependent care
    • Supports the membership and organizational excellence by working to include folks who otherwise might have difficulty participating
  • GOAL 4: Established MLA-L Mediator
    • Encourages organizational excellence and member participation by helping to address toxicity in discourse
  • GOAL 5: Updated Code of Conduct
    • Reflects the use of a technology as a venue for MLA activities; promotes organizational excellence
  • GOAL 6: Revised Open Board Meeting Guidelines
    • Improves organizational excellence by clarifying and streamlining parliamentary processes for an online environment
  • GOAL 7: Establish Annual Reports Procedures
    • Promotes organizational excellence, and leverages new technologies for the association

List of Future Goals

  • GOAL 1: Update the Planning Committee Handbook
    • Clarity in responsibilities and roles will improve organizational excellence