Nominating Committee Annual Report 2020

submitted by Melissa Moll

Current Roster

  • Melissa Moll, Chair (2021)
  • Joe Clark (2021)
  • April James (2021)
  • Kristine Nelson (2021)
  • Marlene Wong (2021)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

The Committee, formed during March 2020, focused on the following goals:

  • Develop and implement a selection process for year 1 of a three-year pilot initiative for an MLA Board Student/Early Career Representative. The Committee designed and conducted a condensed selection process, posting a call for nominations on March 23 and submitting a recommendation to the Board at the end of April. The roster of nominees was very strong, reflecting the many talents of this cohort within MLA, and the selection process included a feedback survey targeting student members and those in the first five years of their post-degree careers. The year 1 representative was in place in time for the spring 2020 Board meeting.
  • Prepare a slate of candidates for MLA Board Member at-Large and recommend the awarding of the MLA Citation. The Committee posted the call for nominations in April, with many outstanding nominations received. For Members-at-Large, the Committee contacted nominees recommended by MLA members and by Committee members, narrowed the field to those willing to run, deliberated, and finally narrowed again to a six candidate slate. The Committee also discussed potential recipients of the MLA Citation. The election slate and MLA Citation recommendations were submitted to the MLA Board of Directors for consideration at their fall 2020 meeting.

List of Future Goals

The Committee will focus on the following goals during the remainder of the 2020-2021 term:

  • Conduct the selection process for year 2 of the three year pilot initiative for MLA Board Student/Early Career Representative. The Committee will administer the year 2 selection process during early 2021, incorporating recommendations gained through the year 1 experience. This pilot initiative relates to the MLA Strategic Plan goal of expanding membership opportunities at all levels of the association. The Board benefits through the direct student/early career perspective, and the student/early career representative benefits by gaining insight into MLA as an organization.
  • Update the Committee handbook. The Committee will complete revisions to clarify Committee processes, timelines, and responsibilities; resolve discrepancies; and incorporate a request from the Board for candidates to submit diversity statements. The Nominating Committee strives to represent the diversity of the membership in the election slates that are chosen and continually seeks to refine its methods toward realizing this goal.