Nominating Committee Annual Report 2018

submitted by Mary Brower, Chair

Current Roster

  • Mary Brower, Chair
  • Thomas Bell
  • Ruthann McTyre
  • Shelley Rogers
  • Gerry Szymanski

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • The 2018 Nominating Committee sent out a call in May for nominations for Member at Large and the MLA Citation with a deadline of July 8. The call was sent to MLA-L and to MLA chapter and committee chairs.
    • We received five nominations for the MLA Citation and have settled on one as our recommended recipient.
    • We received fifteen nominations for Member at Large. After contacting each potential nominee and ranking those willing to run, we arrived at a slate of six candidates.
    • We are now in the process of distributing consent to run forms; after that we will submit our slate to the MLA Board.

List of Future Goals