NISO Representative Annual Report 2019

submitted by Nara Newcomer

Current Roster

  • Nara Newcomer, NISO Representative (appointed 2014, until
    resignation or removal)
  • David Sommerfield, alternate NISO Representative (appointed some time extensively prior to 2014, until resignation or removal)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  1. Monitor NISO ballots for items of MLA significance and seek input when appropriate. This falls within the MLA Strategic Plan goal statement: “MLA’s activities are relevant to current issues in librarianship and music, and non-members understand the mission and goals of the Association.”
    • Reviewed and voted on NISO ballots, seeking input as relevant
  2. Monitor NISO developments and act as appropriate (share information with MLA, seek input from MLA, etc.)
    • Worked with NISO, MLA CMC, and OLAC to appoint Michelle Urberg (Metadata Librarian,
      Exlibris/ProQuest) and Geoffrey Wood (Metadata Librarian, Rutgers) to represent
      the music and AV communities on the working group: Assess Video and Audio
      Metadata Recommendations and Standards for Academic, Research and Professional
      Information Working Group, to “determine best practices and recommendations for
      metadata associated with scholarly output and instructional materials in video
      and audio formats.” 19-month timeframe, beginning summer 2019.

List of Future Goals

  1. Identify and vote on ballots of MLA significance, seeking input from appropriate groups. Objective 3: Pursue joint ventures with other organizations that offer financial as well as professional opportunities and advantages.
    • Review and vote on NISO ballots
    • Facilitate input on NISO Video and Audio Metadata working group.