Music OCLC Users Group Liaison Annual Report 2019

submitted by Ann Shaffer

Current Roster

MOUG Board:

  • Alan Ringwood, Chair (2021)
  • Jacob Schaub, Treasurer (2021)
  • Ann Shaffer, Secretary/Newsletter Editor (2020)
  • Rahni Kennedy, Continuing Education Coordinator (2020)
  • Monica Figueroa, Resource, Discovery, and Collection Coordinator (2021)
  • Michelle Hahn, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (2023)
  • Melissa Moll, Treasurer-Elect (2023)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  1. Develop process and timeline for publishing the MOUG newsletter in electronic format, with a print option.
    • Plans to begin transition to electronic-only format still in formation, discussed at summer Board meeting 2019
  2.  Approve the roadmap for collaboration between MOUG and OLAC, and begin work on first recommendation of producing a MOUG-OLAC webinar.
    • Roadmap was approved by both MOUG and OLAC, task force appointed to organize a screencast
  3. Continue to build on the momentum of the MOUG at 40 oral history project, and develop regular schedule for collecting oral histories of MOUG members.
    • Oral History Coordinator has researched equipment options and proposed them to the Board for purchase; currently drafting online submission forms and policies.

List of Future Goals

  1. Appoint new Fundraising Coordinator, and set campaign goal
    • Bring Papakhian fund to a sustainable level (approx. $20K)
  2. MOUG-OLAC Collaboration– next steps
    • produce screencast for members of both organizations in 2019-20
  3. MOUG Newsletter electronic dissemination
    • investigate possibility of making newsletter open access