Music Cataloging Bulletin Editor Annual Report 2019

submitted by Chris Holden

Current Roster

  • Chris Holden, Music Cataloging Bulletin editor (term expiration 2020)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

(No goals or annual report were submitted last year, due to an ambiguity in the Administrative Handbook that has since been corrected. The following describes the activities of the Music Cataloging Bulletin editor over the past year).

  1. Publish twelve monthly issues of the Music Cataloging Bulletin and annual index.
    • Twelve monthly issues of the Music Cataloging Bulletin were published, as well as the annual index. Content included changes to the national authority files, changes and additions to the Library of Congress classification schedules, changes and additions to Library of Congress controlled vocabularies (including LCSH, LCGFT, and LCMPT), changes and additions to MLA’s Types of Composition for Use in Authorized Access Points for Music, changes and additions to MLA’s Thematic Indexes Used in Library of Congress NACO Authority Files, announcements from the Music Division of the Library of Congress, announcements from various subcommittees of the CMC, reports from MLA’s annual meeting, and reports from CMC liaisons to the ALA midwinter and ALA annual meetings.
  2. Transfer of older issues of the Music Cataloging Bulletin to the MLA Archives
    • Volumes 40-49 of the Music Cataloging Bulletin were transferred to the MLA Archives.

List of Future Goals

  1. Publish twelve monthly issues of the Music Cataloging Bulletin and annual index.
  2. Investigate digitizing Music Cataloging Bulletin volumes 14-23 and transferring them to the MLA Archives.
    • All volumes of the MCB are present in the MLA Archives except for volumes 14-23 (corresponding roughly to those published between 1983 and 1992). If feasible, I would like to track these down and digitize them for transfer to the MLA Archives, so that the entire set, going back to volume 1, would be preserved for posterity.
  3. Transition smoothly to a new editor for the Music Cataloging Bulletin
    • My five-year term as MCB Editor will be ending following the annual meeting in Norfolk in 2020. A search committee has been formed to select the new MCB Editor, and I intend to assist whoever that may be in learning the process of editing the MCB and answering any questions they may have.