Mountain-Plains Chapter Annual Report 2018

submitted by Myrna Layton, Chair

Current Roster

  • Myrna Layton, Chair, Newsletter Editor
  • Janice Bunker, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Elwood (Woody) Colahan, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Webmaster, Chapter Archivist
  • Christopher Mehrens, Past Chair
  • Christine Edwards, Member at large

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Our chapter awarded five travel grants for the Reno meeting.
  • Our Best of Chapters winning papers were Anita Breckbill’s and Hannah Jo Smith’s “Follow the Baton” a story which you can  follow at this link: and Sarah Perske’s “Transcribing Mudarra’s Fantasia X.”
  • Next meeting is planned for May 17-18, 2019, to be hosted by Lisa Chaufty, University of Utah.

List of Future Goals

  • Our chapter applied for and received a $400 grant to support our Oral History Project.
    • For this project emeritus members of our chapter are being interviewed about their careers as music librarians.
    • The interviews are to be incorporated in our chapter website.
  • We are also working on historical documentation and collection of chapter archives.