MLA Index and Bibliography Series Annual Report 2019

submitted by Maristella Feustle

Current Roster

Maristella Feustle, series editor

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  1. Publish Mara Parker’s Index to Music in Historical Anthologies: Complete
  2. Publish Anna Kijas’ Life and Music of Teresa Carreño: Complete
  3. Release quarterly calls for proposals and review submissions on an ongoing basis: Complete
  4. Offer a webinar on publishing with the MLA monographic series: Completed November 13, 2018

List of Future Goals

  1. Continue to work with authors on works in progress for timely publication.
  2. Continue to diversify genres covered by the series.
  3. Participate in a session at MLA 2020, “Publishing Opportunities in Music Librarianship” with the editors of the monographic series as well as those of Notes, Fontes Artis Musicae, and Music Reference Services Quarterly.
  4. Secure at least one new contract for publication in the series in the coming year.
  5. Display entire series publication history on MLA website.