Midwest Chapter Annual Report 2018

submitted by Katie Buehner, Chair

Current Roster

  • Katie Buehner, Chair
  • Keith Cochran, Past-Chair
  • Greg MacAyeal, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Kristi Bergland, Newsletter Editor
  • Jacey Kepich, Webmaster

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • New Officers
    • Following her election as President Elect of the Music Library Association, Susannah Cleveland resigned from her role as Chair of the Midwest Chapter. Katie Buehner was elected as chair. Following her move to California, Abbey Thompson resigned from her role as Newsletter Editor. Chapter officers appointed Kristi Bergland as Newsletter Editor.
  • MLA Chapter Grant
    • The Midwest Chapter applied for an MLA Chapter Grant for a camera and accessories to facilitate live streaming from its annual meeting. The Board approved their request for $500. The Chapter will use this equipment to stream some or all of its meeting in Ann Arbor, MI in Fall 2018.
  • Banking change
    • Upon the recommendation of Secretary-Treasurer Greg MacAyeal, the Midwest Chapter has changed banks, transitioning from Old National to US Bank. Reasons for the change include:
      • Larger bank, with a greater national and regional presence
      • Highly rated by Ethisphere as a bank with good ethical practices
  • 2017 and 2018 meetings
    • The 2017 Chapter meeting took place October 12- 14 in Iowa City, IA. The meeting included thirteen sessions, a poster session with four posters, and five committee meetings.
    • In 2018, the Chapter will meet in Ann Arbor, MI.


List of Future Goals