Membership Committee Annual Report 2018

submitted by Mallory Sajewski, Chair

Current Roster

  • Mallory Sajewski, Chair (2017)
  • Kenneth Kauffman (2016)
  • Terry Lewis (2016)
  • Jessica Abbazio (2017)
  • Joe Clark (2017)
  • Terra Merkey (2017)
  • Joy Doan, Ex-officio, Chair, Diversity Committee
  • Yuri Shimoda Ex-officio, Music Library Students and Emerging Professionals
  • Rick McRae, Ex-officio, Reduced Registration Program
  • Lisa Shiota, Ex-officio, Publicity & Outreach Officer

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made


List of Future Goals

  • The Committee will continue to discuss the creation of an online/virtual membership type and will submit a recommendation to the Board this fall.
  • The Committee will continue to discuss the creation of a membership category for people in their first five years of membership and will submit a recommendation to the Board this fall.
  • The Committee will reach out to lapsed members to conduct “exit interviews.”
  • The Committee will form a working group of potential stakeholders within the Association (Web, Publications, Marketing, etc.) to create an updated version of the Careers in Music Librarianship brochure. The final form of this informational resource might become a more general brochure/promotional item that will be readily available online so all members can download and distribute as needed. The Committee hopes the brochure will incorporate more accurate and inclusive language about the Association and the field of music librarianship.
  • The Committee will continue to work closely with MLStEP. The Committee, with the assistance of MLStEP officers, will encourage students to join both organizations and explore ways to help students successfully transition into full members of the Association.
  • The Committee will work with the Chapter Chairs and the Publicity & Outreach Officer to develop outreach models that can be documented and offered across every chapter. Possibilities include greater engagement with related organizations (SLA, ARLIS, the Arts Section and chapters of ACRL, etc.), public library organizations, MLStEP, and library schools; new membership options as discussed above; and taking successful MLA programs and workshops “on the road.” The Committee will submit a progress report to the Board this winter.
  • The Committee will devise a message that welcomes new members to the Association. This message might offer them an appropriate mentor in the profession and/or other information about membership benefits available to them. The Committee will submit a draft to the Board this fall.