Legislation Committee Annual Report 2018

submitted by Kyra Folk-Farber, Chair

Current Roster

  • Kyra Folk-Farber, Chair (2022)
  • Jacey Kepich (2022)
  • Pamela Pagels (2022)
  • Kathleen DeLaurenti (2021)
  • Taylor Greene (2019)
  • Eric Harbeson (2019)
  • Adelaide McDonnell (2019)
  • Kyle Shockey (2019)
  • Marci Cohen, Ex-officio

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made


List of Future Goals

  • Continue to maintain awareness of relevant legislation and respond as appropriate. Currently, this entails strategizing advocacy and support for the ACCESS Act in alignment with MLA’s mission to “promote legislation that strengthens music library services and universal access to music” and its goal to support the equitable use of music in learning.
  • Update Copyright for Music Librarians website content and investigate collaboration with Copyright Advisory Network, perhaps integrating some of their content. This is in alignment with MLA’s core value of collaboration and its mission to “develop and deliver programs that promote continuing education and professional development in music librarianship.”
  • Build and maintain fair use resources as a living document for music librarians, in alignment with the core value of access as well as the strategic goal area of education.