Index and Bibliography Series Editor Annual Report 2020

submitted by Maristella Feustle

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Regularly invite new proposals
    • CFP emails sent on January 9, April 6, and September 1, 2020
  • Move existing projects forward to completion
    • Near-final revisions of Jessica Payette’s volume on choreographic music were received in October following comments and revisions in the summer of 2020.
    • Sonia Archer-Capuzzo and Guy Capuzzo’s volume on heavy metal is with the copyeditor

List of Future Goals

  • Continue to send out regular calls for proposals
  • Continue efforts to diversify subject matter treated by Index & Biography Series volumes
  • Assess existing bibliographies (outside of the series) and subject areas in need of new coverage (for example, where a new publication has not occurred for several decades, but would benefit the field).