Education Committee Annual Report 2018

submitted by Sonia Archer-Capuzzo, Chair

Current Roster

  • Sonia Archer-Capuzzo, Chair (2022)
  • Laura Williams (2019)
  • Sharon Benamou (2020)
  • Kristi Bergland (2020)
  • Timothy Sestrick (2020)
  • Greg MacAyeal (2021)
  • Libby McDaniel (2021)
  • Lina Sheahan (2021)
  • Liza Weisbrod (2021)
  • Grover Baker (2021)
  • Thomas Bell (2022)
  • Grace Haynes (2022)
  • Heather Fisher (2022)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made


List of Future Goals

  • Continue to develop and offer e-training opportunities for those who work with music materials in libraries and information repositories.
    • MLA Strategic Plan Goal: Education
  • Create and begin to distribute instructor agreements for webinar and e-course teaching.
    • MLA Strategic Plan Goal: Organizational Excellence
  • Develop new and innovative ways to promote the educational services provided by MLA to members and other stakeholders.
    • MLA Strategic Plan Goals: Value of the Profession, Advocacy, Education
  • Develop a Train the Trainer module (perhaps a LibGuide) with tools that teachers of webinars, e courses, and in person workshops can use.
    • MLA Strategic Plan Goals: Advocacy, Education
  • Document processes and save them to a shared Google Drive folder to facilitate clearer, easier operations and transitions in Committee membership in the future.
    • MLA Strategic Plan Goal: Organizational Excellence