Diversity Scholarship Award Committee Annual Report 2019

submitted by Treshani Perera

Current Roster

  • Treshani Perera, Chair (2020)
  • Jonathan Sauceda, member (2021)
  • Sara Manus, member (2022)
  • Joy Doan, ex-officio (2020)

At the end of MLA 2019, Patrick Sifuentes completed his term and Treshani Perera assumed the role of committee chair for the 2020 award. Sara Manus was appointed as the new member this year.

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Distribute the call for applications for the 2020 award and select the award recipient prior to the
    beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • The committee reviewed the existing call for applications and made some revisions prior to disseminating the call in May 2019.
  • We decided that the language under the Award criteria needed revisions since the award winner is no longer automatically considered for the Kevin Freeman Travel Grant; the award winner is expected to apply separately for each award.
  • We received 6 applications (the highest number of applications received thus far for the award), and Hang Nguyen was selected as the winner of the 2020 award.
  • Treshani introduced Hang to various special officers within the MLA Career Advisory Service, and worked with the MLA Administrative Officer to disburse award benefits to the winner.

List of Future Goals

  • Create and publish committee handbook prior to the next award cycle
  • This goal aligns with MLA Core Value: Fairnessand Transparency (the Association exercises fairness in its decision making and transparency in its operations).
  • The committee is looking to move the timeline of award to early Spring so that funds can be disbursed and committee activities can be completed prior to the end of fiscal/membership year.
  • This goal aligns with MLA Strategic Goal Area: Membership and Objective 1: Increase outreach efforts to members from underrepresented groups.