Diversity Committee Annual Report 2019

submitted by Joy M. Doan

Current Roster

  • Joy M. Doan (2020)—Chair
  • Randye L. Jones (2019)
  • Vincent H. Pelote (2019)
  • Patrick Sifuentes (2019)
  • Wendy Sistrunk (2019)
  • Misti Shaw (2021)
  • Winston Barham (2022)
  • Callie Holmes (2022)
  • Terra L. Merkey (2022)
  • Z. Sylvia Yang (2022)
  • Sara D. Outhier (2022)
  • Zachary Tumlin (2023)
  • Nurhak Tuncer (2023)
  • Mallory Sajewski—Member, ex-officio

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Input to the Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO) [Q2 – Q4, FY 2017 – 2018; Q1 – Q3, FY 2018 – 2019] themed on diversity was well received, including the Diversity Committee’s sponsored plenary session, as well as a host of co-sponsored sessions.
  • Plans (Q3, FY 2017-2018) to recruit one to two members per FY, in order to evenly distribute membership was implemented during Q3, FY 2018 – 2019. Zachary Tumlin and Nurhak Tuncer were recruited for the Diversity Committee; their terms will extend through February 2023.
  • Establishment of the Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee (EIS) was approved by the Board in Q4 2018-2019.
  • Contributions to the MLA Newsletter’s “Diversity Spotlight” (see Q2, FY 2018 – 2019) continue to improve and grow. Ellen Ogihara highlighted her experiences and professional aspirations as MLA’s Diversity Scholarship Recipient (MLA Newsletter, No. 201). Joy Doan provided an insightful summation of the Diversity Committee’s 2019 sponsored plenary session (St. Louis, MO) [MLA Newsletter, No. 202].

List of Future Goals

  • Aligned to the goal areas Expanding Membership at all Levels and Organizational Excellence Based on Feedback from the Climate Survey, the Diversity Committee will aid the newly formed EIS in formalizing their charge and establishing this group as a sector of the Organization.
  • Aligned to the goal area to Engage Other Fine Arts Professional Organizations, the Diversity Committee will propose a panel session for MLA Annual Meeting 2021 that involves scholars and/or professionals from akin Fine Arts organizations (e.g., AMS, SAM, MEA).