Development Officer Annual Report 2020

submitted by Lindsay Brown

Current Roster

  • Sara White, member (2021)
  • Z. Sylvia Yang, member (2021)
  • Corinne Forstot-Burke, member (2021)
  • Susannah Cleveland, ex-officio
  • Tracey Rudnick, ex-officio
  • Elizabeth Hille Cribs, ex-officio
  • Liza Vick, ex-officio

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Raise funds to honor outgoing president Mark McKnight
    • Goal area: Value of the Profession; Objective 1: Increase the visibility of MLA among library and music orgs
  • Flexibility to create ad hoc funds as necessary, such as MLA Emergency Fund
    • Goal area: Organizational excellence
  • Improve membership perks in wake of publisher changes (Ashgate): secured JPASS at 50% discount
    • Goal area: Membership

List of Future Goals

  • Ensure new funds are fully endowed before any grants are awarded/disbursed.
    • Organizational excellence: develop and sustain the necessary resources to ensure the vitality of the Association, its programs, and services.
  • Maintain or increase individual giving
    • Organizational excellence: develop and sustain the necessary resources.
  • Continue to improve planned giving and increase membership.
  • Improve annual meeting sponsorship opportunities and benefits for corporate members/patrons, individual members, chapters, roundtables, etc.