Convention Managers Annual Report 2020

submitted by Wendy Sistrunk, Andrew Justice

Current Roster

  • Wendy Sistrunk, past Convention Manager (2020)
  • Andrew Justice, Convention Manager (2022); Assistant Convention Manager (2020)
  • Z. Sylvia Yang, Assistant Convention Manager (2022)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Update the MLA Convention Manual.

    • Completed 2019 and uploaded to MLA website February 2020
  • Complete management of the 2020 Convention in Norfolk, Virginia
    • Yes.

List of Future Goals

  • Plan for 2021 Convention.
    • Entertain idea of going fully virtual, partially virtual, or in-person
    • Investigate the societal/logistical/financial ramifications
  • Plan for future meetings through 2023
    • Update multi-year contract with Hilton properties if appropriate
    • Update contract with V-Cube (streaming) if appropriate
  • Entertain idea of the continuation of multi-year contracts with Hilton or any other properties