California Chapter Annual Report 2020

submitted by Julie Bill

Current Roster

  • Julie Bill, Music Library Association California Chapter Chair (2021)
  • Rachel Smiley, Music Library Association California Chapter Chair Elect (2023)
  • Blair Whittington, Secretary Treasurer (2022)

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Goal Area: Organizational Excellence Focus: Meeting Goal statement: MLA-California Chapter’s operations are efficient, effective and transparent.
    • With input from MLA-CC Officers the web developer regularly updates the MLA-CC site to include upcoming Meeting logistics such as Registration, Program, Accommodations, Transportation, Sightseeing, Proposals, Travel Grant. Post Meeting the website is updated to include photos, PPT Presentations, and donation success stories and thank you’s.
    • Officers regularly sent out emails to MLA and MLA-CC noting funds raised, Call for Papers, and Travel Grant. Emails are regularly sent out by officers welcoming input from MLA-CC members
    • MLA-CC concludes with a Business Meeting that all are welcome to attend. Much of the input influences the coming year’s Meeting, donation goals for MLA-CC, and helps to resolve any issues MLA-CC is facing.
  • Goal Area: Membership Focus: Outreach Goal Statement: Membership in MLA is valued by and beneficial to a broad range of organizations and individuals, and membership reflects the broad diversity of musics and populations we serve. Objective 2: Increase outreach efforts to organizations that are underrepresented, including those whose holdings reflect many types of music.
    • Officers email Chairs of Music Programs as well as Library Programs within higher education throughout California in an effort to encourage Music & Library Information Studies Students to attend MLA-CC Meetings.
    • Officers reached out to Musicology Associations with a call for papers and presenters from a Musicological background presented most recently at both the 2019 Stanford Meeting and the 2018 San Diego Central Library Meeting.
    • The 2018 MLA-CC Meeting was held at the San Diego Central Library and the 2020 MLA-CC Meeting at the Stanford Library. In addition to hosting meetings at all types of libraries in attendance at both meetings were all levels and types of library career and library type; newly entering the profession, student, and thirty year veterans were represented.
    • Most recently from 2018-2020 Sound Archivists, Public, Academic, Special, Conservatory Librarians, Musicologists, Students, Faculty, Project Managers, and Publishers were represented.
  • Goal Area: Value to the Profession Goal Area Technology Goal Statement: MLA makes effective use of technology to achieve its mission. Objective 2: Provide systems that support collaboration among members and that permit direct and timely publication of approved content to the web.
    • Most recently MLA-CC offered a very successful collaborative and social virtual conference via Zoom. The Meeting began with a half hour Coffee and Mingle, followed by a forty-five minute MLA Strategic Plan Meeting, a thirty minute presentation on Lessons Learned from Teaching PAL, and a thirty minute presentation on Babe Egan: Jazz Violinst and Bandleader. The second half of the day long Meeting included a one hour Lunch and Mingle, an hour and a half Town Hall on Adapting to CoronaVirus, a thirty minute Business Meeting and Closing Remarks, forty-five minutes of Yoga, and an hour long Happy Hour
    • MLA-CC utilizes Google Docs within the MLA-CC website for convenience and collaboration purposes offering forms for Q&A, News Submissions, Registration, Travel Grant Application, and Proposals.
    • MLA-CC also utilizes PayPal embedding buttons within the website for the sake of convenience for its members in registration and payment for meetings and donations for various MLA and MLA-CC sponsored causes.
    • Post Meeting Zoom Recordings are also sent out via email and embedded in the MLA-CC site for post meeting viewing.
    • Timely publication of approved content to the web occurs through notification via email to the web editor of Email Submissions, Website Submission Forms, PayPal Donation Notifications, and a Call for Papers, PPT’s, and Presentation Materials Post Meeting for prompt website publishing within two weeks.

List of Future Goals

  • Membership: Increase outreach efforts to members from under represented groups.
    • MLA-CC would like to potentially offer a Mentor Mentee set up for the 2021 Meeting via website form.
    • MLA-CC would like to potentially work with newly formed library associations such as for instance BIPOC_in_LIS ( in addition to older associations related to ALA towards mutually beneficial goals, partnerships, and meeting presentations.
  • Organizational Excellence: Develop and sustain the necessary resources to ensure the vitality of the Association, its programs and services.
    • MLA-CC will continue to offer social excursions at the MLA Annual Conference in addition to the MLA-CC Annual Meeting. We will continue to offer dinners, meet-ups, yoga, and social hours. We’re in continuous communication with members through business meetings, meet-ups, and email for mutually beneficial purposes. We’re fortunate to have great officers, supporters, and members who continue to support the association.
  • Organizational Excellence. Objective 3: Pursue joint ventures with other organizations that offer financial as well as professional opportunities and advantages.
    • MLA-California Chapter would like to potentially host a 2021 joint Meeting in partnership with the Pacific Northwest-MLA.
    • In addition MLA – California Chapter would like to potentially partner with the Theatre Library Association-West Coast in potential presentations and partnerships.
    • MLA-CC would like to continue to partner with Public, Academic, Sound Archives, Theatre, and Musicological Associations. Partnerships may include invitation to MLA-CC Meetings, request to to be a host location, offer program presentations, and joint events.