Best of Chapters Committee Annual Report 2018

submitted by Leslie McCall, Chair

Current Roster

  • Leslie McCall, Chair
  • Carolyn Johnson
  • Sara White

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • Jacey Kepich (Chair 2017) rotated off the committee after the 2018 annual meeting, and Leslie McCall rotated to Chair for 2018. After the 2019 meeting, Leslie McCall will rotate off, and Carolyn Johnson will rotate to Chair for 2019.
  • In summer 2017, the committee selected one paper for presentation at the 2018 annual meeting: “If Books Could Talk” by Katie Buehner, of the Midwest Chapter.
  • In summer 2018, the committee selected one paper for presentation at the upcoming 2019 annual meeting: “A Post-Canon Music Library” by Matthew Vest and Callie Holmes, both of the California Chapter.
  • During its review process in summer 2018, the committee piloted a rubric developed by last year’s committee, using it in addition to the existing weighted voting system. The committee discussed the rubric after the winner was determined per the existing weighted vote system. A decision was made to consider a second iteration of the rubric pilot for next year’s competition.

List of Future Goals