Basic Manual Series Editor Annual Report 2018

submitted by Kathy Abromeit, Editor

Current Roster

  • Kathy Abromeit, Editor
  • Sandi-Jo Malmon
  • Scott Stone
  • Carla E. Williams

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

Book updates:

  • Published:
    • Music Information Literacy: Ideas, Strategies, and Scenarios. Kathleen Abromeit, editor, with chapter contributions by: Laura Snyder, Laurie Sampsel, and Lesley Farmer, Erin Conor, Andrea Beckendorf, Sara J. Beutter Manus, Bonnie Elizabeth Fleming, Kathleen Abromeit, Misti Shaw, Brian McMillan, Jan Bottomer, and Rosalinda Hernandez Linares
  • In Copy Editing:
    • Outreach for Music Librarians. Scott Stone, editor, with chapter by Kathleen A. Abromeit, Katie Buehner, Maristella Feustle, Verletta Kern, Scott Stone, Sara J. Beutter Manus, Jon Sauceda, Kristina Shanton, Misti Shaw, Anne Shelley, Holling Smith Borne, Matthew Vest, and Lisa Woznicki.
      • Manuscript has been submitted to the publisher, and the copy editor has been in touch with Scott. Publisher believes that the book will be published late 2018. I look forward to celebrating the success of this book in the months to come!
  • Under Contract:
    • Binding and Care of Printed Music, BMS no. 2, new edition by Alice Carli.
      • The contract has been signed. Currently, Alice is in the process of creating a timeline that will be used for both her research and writing as well as for posting periodic questions to MLA-L for usage and preservation practice feedback. We are hopeful for a 2019 publication date.
  • Proposal Submissions Under Revision:
    • Jim Farrington and I have had an initial conversation about a new edition of Audio and Video Equipment Basics for Libraries, BMS no. 5
      • Jim submitted a proposal that we liked a great deal, but we needed more detail. At present he is reworking the proposal with more depth in which he will compare the contents of the previous edition of his published book with the proposed contents of the new edition. If Jim’s proposal is accepted, he too will have to navigate having his book released from Scarecrow/Rowman & Littlefield before A-R and MLA can publish the new edition.
  • Proposal Submissions not Accepted:
    • Music Library Management & Administration by Jan Guise and additional chapter authors.
      • We were grateful the author considered the Basic Manual Series as a venue for publication, and we appreciated the time of those who reviewed the proposal and offered comments and suggestions. Unfortunately, we decided that the proposal was not sufficiently developed to accept at this time.

List of Future Goals