Basic Manual Series Annual Report 2020

submitted by Kathleen Abromeit

Current Roster

  • Kathleen Abromeit, Basic Manual Series Editor
  • Sandi-Jo Malmon, Basic Manual Series Editorial Board
  • Scott Stone, Basic Manual Series Editorial Board
  • Carla Williams, Basic Manual Series Editorial Board

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made

  • We have had a goal of publishing a book a year: The pandemic put a bit of a glitch in that this year, but we are very excited to have this publishing schedule.
    • 2018 Ideas, Strategies, and Scenarios in Music Information Literacy Edited by Kathleen A. Abromeit
    • 2019 Outreach for Music Librarians Edited by Scott Stone
    • 2021 (forthcoming) Binding and Care of Printed Music, second edition by Alice Carli
    • 2021 (forthcoming) Music Collection Development and Management in the Digital Age by Kirstin Johnson.
  • Actively solicit new proposals: To that end, we are currently reviewing a proposal now. The editor is also in conversations with several potential authors with topics that would add to our newly developed topic area, “Belonging in Music Libraries.” This topic was developed as a way to incorporate DEI topics in the Basic Manual Series.

List of Future Goals

  • One goal in MLA’s Strategic Plan is to increase outreach efforts to members from underrepresented groups. The Basic Manual Series newly developed topic area, “Belonging in Music Libraries” relates directly to this goal. Recruiting members from underrepresented groups mean we also need to create avenues for these members to give voice to their experiences. This new topic area in the BMS is one example of how we can retain a more diverse membership as well as make meaningful contributions at this moment in US history.